Busty Mannequins and an Inflated Sense of Beauty in Venezuela

Well, I can tell the videographer probably had fun with this story… It’s a good story if I am more focused on the story than the technical aspects of the video. I liked how cleaning up the mannequins was matched with someone getting ready for surgery. I’m pretty sure the “main character” is the most…I’m just thankful I didn’t interview this guy. He makes me want to punch him, but then again I’m biased when it comes to subjects like this. Throughout the documentary, you’re going, “Really? REALLY?!” I mean Americans aren’t much better so it’s not like we can talk. This isn’t much of a structured story, but I did like how it started the documentary with him talking because then you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

Brown’s ‘Rape List,’ Revisited

Oh my god, I can’t analyze this documentary without being biased about this subject. Sorry, my emotions kind of peek at this because I’ve heard so many times from male friends and family members, “don’t drink at bars or parties because…” I liked how the documentary compares to the problems of now and in the past. Because the problem of college rape and how colleges handle rape cases, has always been a problem and I like the back and forth way the documentary compares and contrasts. The technical things that would’ve bothered me are overshadowed by the story. So, that’s good, if the story is boring then I’m going to niptpick on things, but since the story sucked me in, I didn’t notice them.

The Making of a Male Model

It’s…uhm very pretty? I think they were a lot of missed opportunities in this documentary. They could’ve analyzed more of the differences to what men have to go through as a model and what do women have to go through. This is the route I would’ve gone on since the main character is not that interesting to me. He didn’t captivate me, but it was pretty. The story doesn’t seem to have… it’s a bit out of order. We first meet the character and we got to know him before we hear how he got into modeling and where he saw himself going. I wasn’t that interested even though the ideas of seeing how male modeling worked different than for women. So… I don’t know I would’ve liked a comparison, but I’ll let it go.

Unexpected, Unplanned and Unwanted

This was interesting. I’m not sure if I was more in love with the concept of the documentary so I might look passed it’s flaws. The story begins with how she felt when she found out she was pregnant with her second child. This isn’t something that is talked about often and the woman was relatable instantly to me. I kind of wish the documentary was a little longer because I would have liked more on the process of loving her child and how she battled with her depression. It kind of jumped around a bit from being the horrible side of depression to suddenly being all better so I would’ve liked more on that.

A Defining Moment

A short love story, thank god. I really liked the editing of this story because it’s quick and I like how they went back and forth between the two men in the story. During the interviews, I kept thinking about how I would’ve gotten closer to the face and framed it differently. The story is about how they met and all that jazz. Not about their lives, but simply their love story so it made it a lot quicker and it trimmed down on the “fat” that I believe the other love story had. I think I focused more on the story than the characters which is strange to me since most stories I worked on and love myself revolve around great characters. I’m the sort of person who will love the characters and stick with the story. I liked how they both defined marriage and how they looked at it. So I liked this love story better than the previous one.

Good Night, Margaret

WAY TOO LONG. I did like the detail shoots though. I’m not a fan of love stories. The characters in the love story have to be interesting to me. The concept is interesting, but I kept spacing out during the story and thinking of a billion other things during it, but I liked the lighting and I liked the technical aspects of the story. I think the sound editing is a little off, but that could be how both characters talked, but it was a bit more obvious with Margaret. The two characters were okay, but I just didn’t find them very interesting. The story goes from a simple timeline sort of story. The story then goes into how they fell in love and all that jazz.


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