A Marriage to Remember – A Micro Documentary

This story has been told a hundred times in all honesty, but the story kind of works because we have all heard the story of watching a loved one go through Alzheimer’s disease. I love the interviews with the father as time goes on. It’s a very simple love story with him and he kind of reveals how frustrating it can be taking care of someone.

I remember watching a piece by MediaStorm that focused on the point of view of a child watching their parent lose their memories. In this piece, it focuses on the husband losing his wife. I like this angle. I really like this angle and which the story stuck with that one aspect of a husband becoming a caretaker.

I wish the documentary maker (their son) could’ve stuck around longer or at least focused on one aspect of the documentary. It kind of focused on the love story and how difficult it is to take care of someone with Alzheimer’s disease, but because it’s trying to both things at once, it kind of… loses focus and I get bored.

I like some of the angles and visuals of the story, but since they were his parents, I don’t think the videographer took advantage of it. I liked the closeups of the wife’s face as time goes on because you can kind of see the glaze look people get as the disease progresses.

I like the documentary and I did get the emotional punch in the gut, but I still think there were a lot of missed opportunities.

Nipple Tattoos?

So the new part of my blog is for my micro-documentary class. We watch short little documentaries and then we analyze them. 

Apparently, I might end up working in a newspaper one of these days as a videographer. I would kill to work for something like this. 

The structure had a beginning with the woman explaining what was going on and what happened. The middle was of her getting to the tattoo parlor and the end I want to say was when she pressed a pin to the map. The point of view was interesting because it went from the woman who was getting the tattoo done to the tattoo artist. I think the tattoo artist and the woman were strong characters especially the woman with her take on her breast cancer. I thought the tone of the documentary was humorous and educational because society as a whole likes to talk about breast cancer, but there’s not a lot of talk of afterwards. The documentary was interesting because it scratched the surface of how much thought women (and society) put on a woman’s breasts. To feel normal again, this woman goes to reconstruction surgery and goes to a tattoo parlor to make her breasts normal again. I liked the shots in this. The camera was steady and I liked how tasteful the shots were. The woman found her normalcy and the tattoo artist found another form of satisfaction in tattooing that surprised him, I think.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 6.20.12 PM

The Working Videographer

So yeah, my life suddenly became much more interesting. And my teachers are back to reading my blog or checking up on them, I’m not sure which.

So, made a movie this summer and I’m going to be working on another movie from the 19 – 22 of next month. So I’ll be talking about that.

Well, hey, at least my teachers can read about it!

I finally, finally got started on the Angel Baby Documentary.

So I officially started working as a videographer Continue reading


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